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Being Positive

I was sitting at home today preparing to work on my book, and guess what happened? Yes, my computer shut down! After hours of trying to get it started, to no avail, nothing happened. At first, I was absolutely outraged. I thought, "how in the world am I going to meet all of my deadlines?” Then I thought, what if this is just a minor setback and that's it? What if I simply decide, rather than become an angry black woman today, to just be optimistic about the whole thing?" So I tried it. I tried to be optimistic. And I prayed to God for peace, and guess worked!

I have definitely confirmed in my spirit, that I can be positive in the midst of trial and trouble!

Now I know that I didn't get to work on my book today, but I did get to do something that I definitely was not planning to do today, which is to write this blog to encourage you to be positive.

In the end, to be honest with you, I definitely needed to take a break. I'm now more relaxed, my headache is gone, and I'm doing something that I love to do, which is to encourage you!

With love,

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