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Everyone dreams. God wants to tell you what type of business to open and/or what type of ministry to start, and your overall purpose in life and most times He tells us via dreams.

Dreams are the number one way that God communicates to His people.

The Bible says in Joel 2:28, that God will pour out His Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy,  your old men will dream dreams,  your young men will see visions.  The Word of God also says in Job 33:16 that He gives us dreams in order to give us instructions. Therefore, this is why it is extremely important to write down our dreams each night, because our dreams are a direct communication from God concerning our present and future.
This dream journal is perfect for recording, tracking, and analyzing your dreams, as well as your thoughts and emotions before and after sleeping.
The main features of this dream journal notebook include:

  • Dream Journal Entries Sections:
    • 2-page spread for each dream
    • Guided prompts to detail the date and time
    • A section to record the events of the day
    • Guided prompts to record your thoughts and emotions before sleep or after you awake
    • Section to record your notes, reflections, and analysis/interpretation of your dream
    • Section to record the symbols and characters that were in the dream
    • A prayer section to either come in agreement with the dream or to cancel any demonic covenants/encounters that took place in the dream.


Available in paperback and hardcover

6 x 9 inches (similar to A5 size) with 100 pages in total

This guided dream journal is a perfect gift for women, men, and teens, providing a comprehensive space to record and analyze the various details of each dream through writing and creating a valuable reference for the future!

God Is Calling: Guided Dream Journal (AVAILABLE ON AMAZON FOR PURCHASE)



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